This blog seeks to explain how adults grow as people.

I intend to present my life’s highs and lows in a way that helps all of us understand growth.


We find comfort hearing stories told from the other side, where everything’s wrapped up. As an exercise in immanence, I seek instead to reach the honest heart of where I am at…how I experience the phenomena I map onto these concepts.

  • I intend to avoid over-intellectualizing, even as I work through complex ideas.


Instead of over-intellectualizing, I intend to develop the guts to act on what the situation calls for. The first step to developing this focus is to find what space calls for. I’m finding that I (and we) often name what we should do just fine…the difficult part is actually doing it — acting. How do we learn how to act in an online context? Vulnerability as radical opening to the world. 

  • I intend to share wisely, encourage others, and promote truth through transparency.


Through the self-help movement, we’re figuring out how to grow as people in the 21st century. That growth too rarely aims as high as it needs to. 
If we concentrate only on our personal goals, then we’ll continue to edge closer to environmental collapse, political bitterness, and a host of other issues that threaten our current comfortable way of life. Evil is real; it exists within every human heart and manifests through character. 

  • I intend to hold my growth and contributions accountable to what’s required at a collective level.



I’m struck by how open each moment is: beautiful and ugly, full of possibility and despair. I feel the full weight of my limitations. Throughout each day, pieces of my psyche remind me of all the ways I’m not measuring up — and those voices have a point. And yet, an inherent human capacity holds the key to our future and always has.

  • I intend to anchor my actions in what’s needed from the container of any scene I’m in.


Wherever we are. Wherever I am. 

  • I intend to take action from my deepest source of wisdom, the endless fount of generosity that we can all choose in every moment (and avoid, in so many fascinating ways).